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1. Introduction:

MICD is a two-year professional Master’s Program aiming to develop compe- tent human resources with specialized knowledge and effective tools to lead and manage projects in the field of development cooperation. The Master’s Program is designed to equip learners with academic background and necessary practical knowledge including project management skills required by na- tional and international NGOs, UN agencies, public institutions and other de- velopment projects.

In response to the need to train students on international cooperation and de- velopment, MICD is designed by Faculty of Humanities and Social Science (FHSS) of Mid-western University (MU) of Nepal, under academic and technical assistance from University of Pavia in  Italy within the framework of global Master in Cooperation and Development Network (CDN) of Pavia. Originally initiated from Pavia in Italy, similar other Master’s pro- grams are being offered in Italy, Palestine, Colombia, Kenya and Nepal.

2. Program objectives:

Trained and Well-equipped participants to achieve the highest professional standards to manage and lead development projects effectively.

  • Impart students with academic and practical knowledge and required skill to interpret multi-dimensional issues of development interventions, approaches and modalities.

  • Prepare skilled professionals in international cooperation and development field required in public institutions, non-governmental organizations and other development projects.

3. Who is MICD for?

MICD is open to all interested applicants having minimum of   Bachelor’s de- gree in any discipline from an accredited university. It is relevant for persons aspiring for professional career in public sector; national and   international agencies; development projects; university and colleges; research institutes; private sector at national and international levels. There is no age limit for applicants.

4. Eligibility

Call for admission is open on yearly basis and maximum 35 students are enrolled into the program. The minimum admission requirements are as follows:

Bachelor’s Degree: Applicants must have Bachelor’s Degree in any discipline from an accredited university in Nepal or abroad. The applicants who obtained their academic degrees from abroad will need to submit an equivalency certificate.

English language proficiency: English is the language of instruction for MICD Program, therefore applicants shall have sound competency in the English language.

Computer skills: Applicants should have basic computer skills, such as world, excel, PowerPoint, internet, e-mail etc.

How do I find out more?

Interested applicants may visit MICD Office or contact for further detail, obtaining application form and learn about other requirements. MICD Office will also provide necessary information through email and telephone, please contact at the address below.

Deadline for Form Submission?

29th of Jan, 2020 (15th Magh, 2076), Thursday

5. Required documents

The following documents are required for the application and must be enclosed in the application pack for MICD Program:

  • Copies of academic degrees (bachelor, intermediate and school level certificates);
  • Detailed and updated Curriculum Vitae of the applicant;
  • One reference letter either from the current employer or from the college/ University (optional);
  • A motivation letter;
  • Copy of the citizenship or passport;
  • Two pictures (passport size);

Highly motivated candidates with experience in the development field will be given preference. Applicants will have to prepare an application pack con- sisting of the documents listed above. The pack will have to be handed over, or sent via registered mail or courier service, to MICD Office


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