MICD-MWU Webinar-3 on “Health Lessons: Decoding COVID-19 in Wuhan and Lombardy”

MICD-MWU Webinar-3 on “Health Lessons: Decoding COVID-19 in Wuhan and Lombardy” was organized on June 1, 2020. In his opening remarks, Vice-Chancellor Prof. Nanda Bahadur Singh highlighted the importance of learning lessons from the biological disaster. Prof. Gian Battista Parigi (Pavia University, Italy) and Dr Gaurab Pokhrel (Tongji Medical College, Wuhan) were invited speakers of the program. MICD Academic Head Prof. Dinesh Bhuju moderated the virtual panel discussion, which witnessed the participation of more than 60 attendees. It aimed at seeking answer to a question: how was it possible to limit and control the spread of COVID-19 particularly in Wuhan (Hubei) and Lombardy? The reasons behind the rapid spread of COVID-19 in and out of the epicenter of the outbreak were transportation linkages and ties, increased economic interaction among various countries, underestimation or negligence of the related authority and weak implementation of lockdown. Establishment of crisis unit, postponement of OPD services, increment of online medical services, launch of research projects and increment of health services and facilities were the important measures undertaken by the hospitals in Wuhan and Lombardy to cope with the epidemic. The experts advised Nepal to effectively maintain social distancing as well as to control the movements across the borders.

For detailed webinar report, please download from here.