Intensive Course on International Cooperation, Development Indicators and Post MDGs-2015, Kathmandu

An Intensive Course on International Cooperation, Development Indicators and Post MDGs-2015 is being offered in Kathmandu by Master in International Cooperation and Development (MICD) in collaboration with partner’s institutes in Nepal and Italy. A course on above subject is designed for 12 hours (10 hours intensive teaching and followed by attending a national seminar for 2 hours).  The Course will be entirely delivered by Prof Gianni Vaggi from University of Pavia, Italy. Prof Vaggi is a founder of the Master Programme in Cooperation and Development which has extended in five countries including Pavia, Italy, Palestine, Colombia, Nepal and Kenya in a similar format. This intensive course aims to impart participants about global cooperation, issues and challenges, an experience over the period of MDGs intervention, development indicators and way forward after 2015. 

The objective of the Course is to learn, understand and analyze global discourse about international cooperation, development indicators and debates for Post MDGs. The participants acquire an experience and leaning from international prospective about overall phenomena and policy dialogue and roadmap beyond 2015.

The Course targets university students, working professionals and development practitioners willing to enhance their knowledge and skills on development cooperation and post agendas for MDGs.   

40 (including MICD studies and other interested candidates)

26-28 March 2015, MICD Seminar Hall, Nayabato, Dhobighat, Lalitpur

26-27 March (07hrs-12hrs)

28 March (10hrs -12hrs)